Frequently Asked Queegs


What is BEPUphysics?

BEPUphysics is a free, open source, 3D physics library written fully in C#, licensed under Apache 2.0.  It's pretty darn fast too.  We think you'll like it.  You can download it here.  Give it a try!


Can I make a closed source, commercial product with BEPUphysics?

Yep, free of charge.


Can I credit BEPUphysics by using its logo in videos, startup splash screens, and so on?

You can use the logo so long as you don't make us look bad or evil (e.g. "Powered by BEPUphysics: A library created by murderers of puppies and kittens, trust me, I watched them do it, they're horrible people") or use it to promote things that we wouldn't want to promote (e.g. "You should murder puppies and kittens; BEPUphysics agrees!").

Here's a huge version that can be downscaled to whatever size needed: ... %20big.png

If there's something potentially evil or heinous about the way the logo is used and you're not sure if it's okay, just contact us and we'll tell you.

(Note that you are not required to show a logo to credit BEPUphysics. If you do, thanks!)


Is the Apache 2.0 license compatible with the Windows Phone Marketplace?



Are the developers of BEPUphysics gonna disappear now, since it's open source?



I licensed BEPUphysics underneath an old contract that wasn't free.  How does that affect things?

All pending and future royalties are waived.  All licensees are allowed to move to the Apache 2.0 license.


Help me! I need help with BEPUphysics.

One of the best places to get help with BEPUphysics is on the forums.  We like it when people post questions there, because everybody gets to learn.


No. I need secret, advanced, super-hi-tech support for BEPUphysics.

Wow wee!  Go here then.


You seem like good people.  I want to donate a few bucks.

Wow wee!  Go here then.


What's your favourite coloure?



Got more queegs?

Head to the forums and ask there.